Love your leftovers – Apples

In 2009, San Francisco voted to make throwing your food scraps in your trash a fineable offence.
That hasn’t happened here yet, but how would you fare if it did? The San Franciscans are allowed to add food waste to a special composting bin, but as most of us are only too well aware, bins tend to fill up a lot more quickly than they get emptied.

The single largest producer of food waste in the UK is the domestic household, and the items of avoidable waste that most commonly get thrown out are potatoes, bread, apples, and salad. We all know we could make jams and chutneys out of leftover fruit and veg and boil up chicken bones for stock, but most of us don’t live the kinds of lives that accommodate such things. What we want are some quick and easy ways to use up those leftovers without having to turn into Mrs Beeton to do it, and we’re going to give you just that in this ongoing series of posts. Let’s start with apples……..

Fallen applesImage (c) Gilly Walker, 2013

-Cut the good bits off bruised or over-ripe apples and stew them with a little sugar or maple syrup.  Eat with yoghourt for a nutritious dessert, or use to top porridge or granola.  This will keep in the fridge for a couple of days or more.

-Cooked apples can be pureed and made into Apple Butter.  This does take a little time, but the result is worth it and it’s a nice project for a wet Sunday afternoon.  (And your kitchen will smell wonderful!)

-if your apples are still basically OK, but you need to use them up quickly, bake them.  Fill the middle with dried fruit, nuts, a sprinkling of cinnamon, and a little brown sugar; pour a couple of spoonfuls of water over them and bake.  Eat topped with yoghourt, cream or custard.

-Leave them raw, chop them small, and add to salads – particularly good with any salad that involves blue cheese.  Or just eat them with blue cheese……or any cheese…..

-Turn them into Sauteed Apples with Carmelised Onions – delicious.

-Grate them and add to homemade coleslaw.

-Put them in sandwiches for extra crunch and flavour.

-Make Apple Vodka: slice or chop your apples, add them to a bottle of vodka and let them infuse for a couple of weeks.

-Finally, you can use apples to rescue an over-salty soup or stew.  Just place a few slices in the pot and remove before serving – they’ll soak up the excess salt.

For even more ideas, see 55 Suprising Ways to Use Leftover Apples.


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