The Last Issue

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After much deliberation June and I have decided this will be the last issue of the magazine.  I have been struggling health-wise since I had the slipped disk at the end of last year, and I’ve ended up with two frozen shoulders too. So I need some stress-free time to get my creaky body back into full working order, and magazine publishing is anything but stress-free!

Also I got married in April – finally and for the first time at 48! Now that Paul and I have made that commitment to each other, we also want to follow through on a long held dream of building a creative retreat. This will entail a move of house and possible a move to another area. And although we don’t have a timescale on that yet, closing the magazine now will open up the space for that to happen.

Meanwhile June is very involved with Radio Newark and the Girls Around Town radio show, website and blog. She is also PR supremo to a pair of champion kickboxers and they keep her very busy too.

We started the magazine because we no longer had a radio show to share the stories of fabulous local women, so it seems apt that the magazine can morph back into a radio show towards the end of this year. When Radio Newark gets it full time licence then Girls Around Town will be broadcast every Saturday and will pick up where the magazine has left off.

So we have made this very last issue as brilliant as we can – we hope you enjoy it!

Tina xx